Reclaim your life.
Restore your joy.

Find your inner peace with therapy tailored to you

I’m here to guide you to a better place

Hi, I’m Elyse, the owner of A Better You, LCSW, PLLC.  

I know that seeking help can feel scary. It’s a big deal to be vulnerable, open, and honest about what you’ve been going through! 

But guess what? You don’t have to face your hardships by yourself, because I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Combining my extensive training as a licensed clinical social worker with my own life experiences, I provide a uniquely empathetic approach to therapy; I care about who you are, and more importantly, who you wish to be.

On the other side of your fears is the person you’ve dreamed about becoming.

A better you is right around the corner.

What We Can
Do For You

Counseling options for any need. 

Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, work stress, or body image challenges, we’ll help you overcome your negative thoughts and prevent them from defining you.
Your therapist will work with you and your partner to improve your communication, value each other’s love languages, and re-strengthen your bond with one another.
Teen &Family
Between a need to fit in, pressure to succeed in school, and low self-esteem, young adulthood can be a difficult time. We’ll talk through obstacles standing in the way of your happiness so you can navigate these challenging years.
The journey to motherhood can feel lonely, especially when you’ve been struggling to conceive. I’ve been there and know the heartache you’re going through. Informed by my own challenges of becoming a parent, I’ll give you tools to manage the emotional strain.

Our Therapist Team

I’m Elyse Sellers, LCSW

I received my Master’s in Social Work from Fordham University in 2012, and for several years have worked with both adolescents and adults in a variety of therapeutic settings. I believe in working closely with you to figure out what treatment will both ensure you reach your desired goals and respect your circumstances

I’m Rebecca Silber, MHC

I graduated with my Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Long Island University in 2020, and have experience working with patients of all ages. I like to incorporate different types of treatment into therapy sessions in a way that best addresses your objectives.

I’m Hanna Brinnier, LMSW

I graduated with a Master of Social Work from Adelphi University in 2021. For several years, I have worked with children, adolescents, and young adults in a variety of therapeutic and school settings. My specialties include trauma, relational difficulties, academic issues, body image, and grief. Ultimately, I believe that the foundation of a rich, healing therapeutic experience is the relationship between the client and therapist.

I’m Nikki Gardy, LMSW

I graduated with my Master’s in Social Work from the University of Albany in 2021.  Over the years, I have worked alongside adolescents and adults.  I believe in using a variety of client-centered approaches to achieve your goals in a way that’s unique to you.

Here's How It Works

After you get in touch with me, you’ll schedule an initial, free 15-minute consultation to discuss your mental health history and determine what kind of therapy may be right for you. 

In the first full session, we’ll develop a course of action with goals and objectives that accommodate your specific needs.

All sessions after that will be about reaching your milestones and getting you on track for the life you deserve.

Treatment will involve cognitive behavioral therapy, empowering you to embrace a positive mindset and practice healthy, effective coping. 

Welcome to a better you.